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I generally like Mondays since I find them to be such a nice, fresh start to a new week and I’m usually fairly energetic and all pumped-up, ready to tackle all sorts of things. Today I’m feeling a bit hazy, however, and while I am dead-set on actually accomplishing a few things, I do wish my head would clear-up. I do blame the weather, what with it’s insane highs and lows, but still, urgh… So as not to get all cranky, I’ll share what I’ve been doing this morning (you’ve been warned, hehe).


I’ve started a February plans list, just to try and get my head in order. The Calendar page (oops, my spelling was off) is done – I printed out the DesignLoveFest Calendar in January and I’m planning on making each month pop, LaWhimsy style!

FlossBoxI also got out my floss box and started working on a small project that I had started the groundwork for last month but then promptly pushed aside for whatever reason (yeah, okay, I can be super lazy sometimes). Here are two of the results…

StitchedGemsOh yeah ~ Stitched Paper Gems! They are not as big as they appear here – only about 2inches tall, and they are darling. This was my first time stitching paper and I made it easy on myself by using card-stock since regular paper rips so easily.

PrismacolorfunI only stitched two because I decided to get out my Prismacolor pencils and play with a water-color effect for the rest. Here they are drying and waiting for their threads. I think I might share a small tutorial for making these – what do you think?

Well, that’s my Monday morning so far and I’m planning on keeping Happy Thoughts and hopefully some more momentum as the day and week progress. Here’s to a great week for us all!

Namaste ~ Ella

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