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Word Nerd : Balter

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balter gif  Word Nerd via lawhimsyLet’s Balter like it’s the best night of our lives!

Balter – this word very neatly sums up my dancing style to a tee. I mean, seriously, it’s not that I totally lack rhythm or can’t pick up choreography if given to me, it’s just that when I let loose and just do my thing, it’s a rather artless, somewhat clumsy mix of mad moves and random whimsy, oh and lots of giggles. Yeah, I’m quite the sight to behold and thankfully my friends are still willing to be seen in public with me (provided I don’t balter without warning, hehe).

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. Nietzsche balter quote via lawhimsyMoving to music is as natural a thing as breathing, if we allow ourselves the freedom of it.  Many are afraid of being thought a fool, or of being less then perfect or out of control. Small children get it, since they just bop, shake and spin to the sounds they hear and feel. Balter, dance, just go with the musical flow, even if only you can hear the tunes, for to do so is to be true to yourself and there is a certain grace and beauty in that, even if it may be hard for those unaware to see.

balter spin gif via lawhimsyYou gotta Balter like no one is watching and Feel just how you want to feel.

Have a great Wednesday and turn on some tunes and get down and balter with your awesomely bad self!

Namaste ~ Ella

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