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Word Nerd : Inamorata

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsy

inamorata-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyThe inamorata, that seductive, mysterious woman who’s allure manages to capture the heart, mind and even the soul of the one’s who’s enamored of her. It seems such a heady thing, to be so loved and adored and yet it is in all of us to an inamorata for someone and to love them back with the same devotion.

ethereal-inamorata-digital-art-collage-by-ella-of-lawhimsyThroughout history the inamorata has shaped events, art, wars, peace, kingdoms, countries, everything. She has played a sometimes silent, sometimes roaring, always unmistakable role that has helped to shape the World we live in today and she is still doing so even now. Some inamorata have been players on the World stage, others just in there own, smaller sphere, but no matter where or how she is divine.

inamorata-sets-the-world-aflame-via-lawhimsyValentine’s Day seemed like a perfect time to use this word, since so much of this holiday is wrapped around seduction, romance, adoration, desire, lust, and love. That is but one part, but one worth having, experiencing, at least once in life. If it’s not a current reality, no matter, it was or will be again and it  is fun to learn about such a pretty word. There’s just something about inamorata that seems so much more romantic and almost more mysterious than mistress or lover and I have long been enamored with the history of  many famous and infamous inamorata.


To the inamorata (or inamorato) in us all!

Namaste ~ Ella

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