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October Stitchalong ~ A Kitsch Witch Banner

Ta-Da ~ one gloriously spooktacular kitsch witch banner curtsey of the Feeling Stitchy October Stitchalong (pattern by the talented Bridgeen of Cherry and Cinnamon) and my mad embroidery skills (yeah, I like to brag myself up sometimes ~ it’s awesome fun!).

…and in real life…at least in my mind, tee-hee!

Back to the point,  I really had a blast with this one, from the color-tinting choices (blue/green hair, orange kitty and the purple/green/back outfit combo – woo-hoo!) to the stitching (I added a bit of broom-ish texture with a combo of stitches) to the much anticipated making of the banner it’s self (I knew from “GO” that this is what I’d be doing with the finished piece).

After I was done embroidering, I cut the finished piece into a nice square with an inch all around from the edge of the embroidery. I then folded and pressed evenly all around (and I didn’t burn my fingers – yay!). Then I prepped my purple felt (a nice wool blend) and blanket stitched all around ~ For a great blanket stitch tutorial (and quick brush-up) check this out.

Yes, those pale legs are mine, lol.

Then I cut out four black felt bats (well five since I made one too small) and stitched them to each corner with an X stitch in the middle and I did the same with my extra bat at the bottom. The top part I just folded down with my fingers and made a quick, neat stitch to create a space for the string (or in this case yarn) to go. I’ll probably replace the yarn with a stick or rod for longevity, but at this point I was so excited and wanted to hang it.

Sorry about the grainy photo, the camera battery was dying – oops.

I figured that in banner form I could enjoy this as Halloween decor for years to come and that is always a great thing!

Check out everyone else’s terrific takes on this stitchalong here with the tag oct2012stitchalong!

Happy Weekend and enjoy all the fiery colors!

Namaste ~ Ella

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