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Beauty for Beauty’s Sake

Some days I am in need of stimulation, of a fresh wash of imagery to wander over with my eyes, to tickle my mind with creative inspiration, to fill my soul with it’s exquisite muse-like artistry. This is simply a small taste of a few treasures* that have taken my fancy on this morning and a bit of my off-the-cuff musings on each.

Ghosted music gently plays as age and innocence sweetly engage…

What dear dreams will I dare dream as I move outward along the day?

The soft tones are almost surreal, like the fog of my brain as I awake from the deepest of sleeps.

The Cicada song is one of both melancholy and sweet joy and I am sorry to hear it fading away as the seasons change.

To weave and wend out such delicate and detailed delights is one reason I adore the art of embroidery so.

I have felt the touch of dis-connect to nature and it filled me with an emptiness, as though a part of me had gone missing and I wasn’t quite sure I’d find it again, yet I knew that without it I’d not be quite right or entirely me.

Sweetness shall creep back in and I shall continue upon my way, never quite lost, just sometimes a bit muddled and other times a touch forgetful of my own strength.

Time to charge forth and engage in the day ~ A fire-head and soul to flicker and flame!

Namaste ~ Ella

* To find the name, artist and source of each piece simply click the image. I have sourced them all to the best of my ability!

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  1. Loved the images! It is amazing the words, stories and wisdom that came come from just simply looking at a picture, a color, a shape! Great musings!

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