Photowall Fun

*Disclaimer: This post is not a paid post. I was given the product in exchange for my fair and unbiased opinion. All thoughts herein are my own, freely given, and honestly expressed. The links are merely for your convenience and I will receive no compensation. Photowall is a Swedish based wall art company that specializes… Continue reading Photowall Fun

UncustomaryAugust collage 3 via lawhimsy
Musings and Mutterings

The Uncustomary August Instachallenge LaWhimsy Style

August may be over and September well on it's way, but its memories still linger on in the form of one of the most delightful InstaChallenges I've participated in. Mary of the always inspiring and utterly rainbow-tastic blog Uncustomary Art created her first Instagram challenge with Uncustomary August and let me just say that she… Continue reading The Uncustomary August Instachallenge LaWhimsy Style

Musings and Mutterings

Playing Footsie

It's been yet another hectic start to a new week and it felt like yet another, weird sort of three-day weekend since we were completely without water for all of Saturday.  I'm talking the entire town was dry since, due to the cold and snow, the electricity to the water supply was down. We're still… Continue reading Playing Footsie

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Beauty for Beauty’s Sake

Some days I am in need of stimulation, of a fresh wash of imagery to wander over with my eyes, to tickle my mind with creative inspiration, to fill my soul with it's exquisite muse-like artistry. This is simply a small taste of a few treasures* that have taken my fancy on this morning and… Continue reading Beauty for Beauty’s Sake

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Autumn of Whimsy ~ Image Delights

Such fragile, dusty blooms are soon to be the fate of many a lush plant as the Earth prepares for it's upcoming slumber, but before that all shall take on a burst of color... I long to follow this path and discover where it wends. You can almost taste the dusky, sweet scent of the… Continue reading Autumn of Whimsy ~ Image Delights