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Word Nerd: Neophile

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyneophile-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyNeophile is another word for neophilia, which is a strong affinity for novelty. A neophile is one who has a tendency to become bored quickly with things and seeks out novelty for novelty’s sake. Neophile and Neophiliac, are terms that were popularized by writer Robert Anton Wilson, though they were used by both J.D. Salinger and Christopher Booker prior to his usage.  Neophiles dislike routine, repetition, and traditional things and prefer the excitement of the new and different. There are various types of neophiles and needless to say the psychology behind each is fascinating. It’s also fair to say that the age of the Internet has created a new portal for neophilia in many ways since it allows us seemingly unlimited access to the new and different.

neophile trendsetter blogger girl via LaWhimsyThe blogging word is a neophile paradise – and there is nothing wrong with that!

Neophile is an interesting word and I actually kind of like it, despite being something of a traditionalist at heart. What do you think and would you consider yourself a neophile in any way?

Namaste ~ Ella

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