Photowall Fun

*Disclaimer: This post is not a paid post. I was given the product in exchange for my fair and unbiased opinion. All thoughts herein are my own, freely given, and honestly expressed. The links are merely for your convenience and I will receive no compensation.

Photowall is a Swedish based wall art company that specializes in unique, personalized wall designs and art. When I was contacted by Photowall with an inquiry about trying one of their top-quality products, I very quickly and enthusiastically said YES! Oh, and have I mentioned that they have a wonderful environmental policy? That made me even more eager to check them out!

On my first visit to their site, I was almost overwhelmed with amount of choices I had. While I drooled over the incredible wallpaper  – I mean, large print designs are such an incredible way to really make a focal wall pop – I knew that my current situation wouldn’t allow for it as a viable option right now. That also meant that the mural options (also a wonderful way to make an eye-catching splash in a space) were not for me at present. Still, I am keeping it in mind for the future!

So I made my way to the posters and prints categories. It wasn’t difficult for me to know exactly what style I wanted, since as nice as canvas prints are, I fell hard and fast for the esthetic of the posters. The real difficulty came in deciding just what print I wanted – talk about feeling like a kind in a candy store! With a bit of inner debated, I honed in on the nature category and then on the flowers and plants section. Then It was simply(!) a matter of which one was going to suit the place I had in mind for it.

After a day or so of going back and forth over a couple of different ideas, I finally settled upon a lovely mushroom chart print, being the Mycology lover that I am! It shipped fast and arrived safely and assembly was clear and easy to do – I had it opened, assembled and hung in less than 10 minutes! The hardest part was getting a decent picture since it’s been super cloudy and dreary out, ugh.

Mushroom Chart Poster Print by PhotoWall via LaWhimsyThe lovely piece hung-up (drat these dark Winter days with very little in the way of sunshine though).

Mushroom Chart Wall Art via PhotoWall on LaWhimsyAnother view, slightly clearer with a teensy, tiny bit of sun lending a hand.

As for quality, well, the paper the poster is printed on is a bit flimsy but it’s sturdier than your average poster, though it did get a few small dents in it as I was assembling the frame despite my being super careful. The wooden slats that make up the frame are really nice and allow the poster print to hang really well. All-in-all, I am happy with the end results.

All that said, this was such a fun opportunity and I would recommend Photowall as a great place to check out if you’re in need of some wall decor!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Just a reminder that I am receiving no compensation from Photowall nor from any of the links.