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Monday Mantra 257 – I used to be afraid of the dark until I learned that I am light and the dark is afraid of me

I am light and the dark is afraid of me D.R. Silva quote Monday Mantra 257 via LaWhimsyI used to be afraid of the dark until I learned that I am light and the dark is afraid of me.” ~ D.R. Silva

So much of what we fear is created in our minds rather than reality…

I used to be afraid of the dark until I learned that I am light and the dark is afraid of me.”

The darkness is often something that instills fear inside our human minds. It is the essence of the unknown, the idea that anything could be lurking in the unseen depths of the dark. And that “anything” more often than not takes on scary, negative, disturbing and disquieting qualities, the kind that nightmares are fueled with.

Whether the darkness is associated with the night, with winter, with death or with the depths of a human mind and soul, it seems to be one with dread, horror, and unease. It is unknown and shadowy and therefore must contain monsters. Or does it?

We often forget our own light, our own power in the face of created terror. It makes sense in a fight or flight kind of way, since maintaining our own safety is paramount for survival in our most basic, primitive minds. However, most situations that we have deemed dark are actually more afraid of our light than we are of it. We just don’t take the time to realize it.

For example, if a bully is being hateful to someone we often see it as bad, or dark, but how often do we speak up against the bully? We are conditioned to pause and not draw the bully’s attention to ourselves and make ourselves a target. Yet, if we speak up, we start to fill out our own power, our own light against the darkness of the bully. The more we shine a light upon the injustice, the more obvious it will become and the less power the bully will have.

The darkness we have to face is one of injustice, of inequality, of ignorance and hate. These things of absolutely darkness are truly scared of being found out and brought to light. By not allowing those who would willfully perpetuate the issues to stay in the dark, we shine our light upon their weakness, which is fear of the light, of truth. There is no truth to the lies of hate and ignorance. Their is no justice to be had so long as we stand back and allow others to be treated as less than instead of the equals they are.

Do not let the heavy darkness bring you fear anymore because you are a light and this kind of dark fears you and the power you hold. Shine yourself brightly and know that you will make a difference.

Namaste ~ Ella

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