Adding a Pop of Fun with Photowall

*Disclaimer: This post is not a paid post. I was given the product in exchange for my fair and unbiased opinion. All thoughts herein are my own, freely given, and honestly expressed. The links are merely for your convenience and I will receive no compensation.

When Photowall reached out and asked me if I’d like to try another one of their top-quality products, I very quickly and enthusiastically said please and thank you! Photowall is a Swedish based wall art company that specializes in unique, personalized wall designs and art (and they have a wonderful environmental policy, which makes them even better).

Visiting the site is such a delight and the sheer amount of design option is almost overwhelming in the best possible way! They have a large variety of wallpapers and wall murals if you want to make a major statement in any room. Someday I plan to have the space to have a focal wall with a large print wallpaper on it, oh and think of a mural in a bathroom or along a hallway!

Like last time, this time I went again with the fabulous esthetic that the posters provide. There’s this spot in my living room area that has been in desperate need of something with a bright pop of color. As I looked around my eye kept being drawn in my the vintage fashion pieces. When I saw the Models in Party Dresses by Gordon Conway I knew I’d found what I was looking for!

There were 7 sizes to select between, from 12×16 all the way up to 59×83 inches (talk about a statement piece!). With a bit of measuring on my end I chose the 24×31 inch size and placed my order, already super eager to get my decorating on!

The shipping was super fast and I had a no-contact delivery option. The poster arrived neatly rolled up with the poster frame pieces tied up alongside it. The assembly process was quick, easy, and clearly explained. I did accidentally wrinkle the top part as I was assembling it since Sinny got in the way and being deaf didn’t really know it (He’s a cat, so I think He totally knew it, but I digress…). I think the wrinkles will relax in a few days due to gravity, so I’m not too worried about it. The wooden slats that make up the frame are really nice and sturdy and allow the poster print to hang really well and you get to decided on the length of the hanging cord, which is a really nice touch. As you can see from these images I am extremely delighted with the results!

It’s a bit of a dark corner, but this poster really brought a vibrancy that I am vibing with!

A little side view – the lighting in this corner can be weird and dark, but this lights it up so nicely!

How absolutely wonderful is this?! It’s now one of my favorite corners!

The cabinet was actually a hanging kitchen cabinet that my Dad rescued and turned into a really cute freestanding piece that I have been dying to find a use for. When I discovered it fit in this spot I was thrilled and now with this poster as it’s decor partner (and a few books, pottery pieces,crystals, etc…) I think I have a new favorite corner!

This was such a fun opportunity to have again and I would recommend Photowall as a great place to check out if you’re in need of some wall decor. I hope you enjoyed my little decorating journey and for the months of April and May you can use the code lawhimsy25 for 25% of of any product. Have fun with your own walls!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Just a reminder that I am receiving no compensation from Photowall nor from any of the links.