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Word Nerd: Vellichor

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vellichor-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyVellichor is such a divinely poignant word and is fully defined by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows as The strange wistfulness of used bookstores, which are somehow infused with the passage of time – filled with thousands of old books you’ll never have time to read, each of which is itself locked in its own era, bound and dated and papered over like an old room the author abandoned years ago, a hidden annex littered with thoughts left just as they were on the day they were captured. Vellichor resonates with me, since every time I enter a second-hand or used bookstore, or come across vintage or antique books, I feel a certain pull deep inside my soul, one that hears the siren song of each page, each word, so lovingly, painstakingly written inside each tome. The smells of faded, dusty pages, dried, aged glue and ink, the creaking of old spines and the soft swoosh sound of silky or brittle pages being turned are a beautiful symphony of the senses. The worlds, the stories, the lives each book holds within it pique my interest and though I know I can never know them all intimately, I acknowledge them all with respect and honor and, yes, a certain wistfulness.

vellichor sentiments via lawhimsyYou enter the store / take a moment to pause / close your eyes / inhale what was. / The words await in the pages that abound / surrounded by ages, prolific and profound. / The vellichor enhances at a momentous pace / encouraged by your soul’s very grace. / What shall be uncovered / What shall be gained / What eras discovered / What voices retained? ~ Ella

Vellichor is so beautiful, and though it is a newly created word, I have felt vellichor my entire life and I know that it has been felt since the time of books began. What do you think of this gorgeous word?

Namaste ~ Ella

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  1. I’m in love with this word! What’s the adjective form of vellichor?

    1. Hello! I’m not sure what the adjective form of vellichor would be since it’s a more newly created word. Thank you so much for reading!

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