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Word Nerd: Abibliophobia

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyabibliophobia definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyAbibliophobia describes the fear one (often a bibliophile) has of running out of things to read. Abibliophobia is a relatively new word created with the Etymology of a + biblio (book) + phobia (fear). The best line I’ve read dealing with abibliophobia comes from alphaDictonary where it describes the words derivational relatives “those suffering from abibliophobia are abibliophobes who are abibliophobic and behave abibliophobically.” – tongue twister much!

abibliophobia relief bookstore dreams via LaWhimsyI feast on words / find the stories dear / all those worlds are mine to share. / Each tome imprints upon my soul / the scent of days, of pages old. / Vellichor is a second skin / I greet it’s wistfulness like a friend. / My enemy, you inquire / why it’s abibliophobia with it’s dark mire. / To lack a source of reading text / a dearth of words to assess. / That’s misery, a certain death. / To even contemplate demands distress. / To keep this demon fear at bay / I indulge in my own way / by reading, reading every day… ~ Ella

Yes, abibliophobia is certainly a fear, however I’m quite certain it shall remain a humorous one since the idea of running out of reading material does seem all but impossible, especially if one indulges in Tsundoku like I do. How do you keep abibliophobia at bay?

Namaste ~ Ella

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