Word Nerd 2015 Wrap Up collage 1 via LaWhimsy
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A Word Nerd 2015 Wrap-Up

Word Nerd Wrap-Up 2015

Word Nerd 2015 Wrap Up collage 1 via LaWhimsyIn Month Order – Wangle, Somnolent, Hiraeth, Sophrosyne, Librocubicularist, & Latibule.

Another year of outstanding, spectacular, quaintrelle, and down-right quirky words has flown by! These are a few of my favorites, by month and I really must say that picking only one per month was a bit difficult since I liked them all so very much! The first 6 months consist of Wangle, Somnolent, Hiraeth, Sophrosyne, Librocubicularist, & Latibule (as seen in the collage above). While the last 6 consist of Efflorescence, Vellichor, Feuillemort, Limn, Rhapsodic, & Hygge (as seen in the collage below).

Word Nerd 2015 Wrap Up collage 2 via LaWhimsyIn Month Order – Efflorescence, Vellichor, Feuillemort, Limn, Rhapsodic, & Hygge.

To know more simply click the word you’re interested in and be whisked away to it’s descriptive entry! And as always, feel free to visit the Word Nerd Index (the link is also at the top of any page on this site) to discover every word I’ve ever defined! It’s been such a expressive year and I’ll be back in the new year with even more words to help describe this beautiful, complex phenomenon we call living! Now, let’s all gambol into 2016, shall we?!

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Namaste ~ Ella

*Check out the Word Nerd Index and my Word Nerd Pinterest Board for other superb words!

** If there’s a word you’d like to see added to the Word Nerd roster, please feel free to drop me a line or suggest it in the comments – I love feedback and recommendations!

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