Word Nerd 2015 Wrap Up collage 1 via LaWhimsy
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A Word Nerd 2015 Wrap-Up

Word Nerd Wrap-Up 2015 In Month Order - Wangle, Somnolent, Hiraeth, Sophrosyne, Librocubicularist, & Latibule. Another year of outstanding, spectacular, quaintrelle, and down-right quirky words has flown by! These are a few of my favorites, by month and I really must say that picking only one per month was a bit difficult since I liked… Continue reading A Word Nerd 2015 Wrap-Up

latibule blanket fort via lawhimsy
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Word Nerd: Latibule

Latibule, oh how I have become enamored of the word! It means a cozy, safe, hidden away place. One where a soul can cocoon themselves and find comfort and solace. A latibule is a necessity if one is to keep their sanity intact and their heart strong. I like a blanket fort, or whimsically draped… Continue reading Word Nerd: Latibule