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Affirmation Mondays* 315 ~ I would rather be “annoyingly” positive and optimistic than destructively negative and hateful…

I would rather be annoyingly positive and optimistic than destructively negative and hateful quote Affirmation Monday 315 via LaWhimsy“I would rather be “annoyingly” positive and optimistic than destructively negative and hateful.” ~ Unknown

Change may be occurring but the optimism still remains the same…

I would rather be “annoyingly” positive and optimistic than destructively negative and hateful.

It’s a real shame that so often having a positive or optimistic view of things is considered annoying or naive or unrealistic. Choosing to look for the good or the hopeful in things and people is not nonsensical or impractical. As a matter of fact, I’d say that having an optimist frame of mind is actually more practical than having a pessimistic one.

Seriously, hear me out. Science has proven time and time again that having a more optimistic mindset is healthier since it causes less stress, less anxiety, and less tension in the mind and body. Being pessimistic leads to more of each of these things, which in turn puts a heavier burden upon the body. Not only that, but the more optimistic you choose to be, the happier and more content you’ll tend to be.

Now, I’m not saying lean into toxic positivity  – that’s just as bad as being negative. By bottling up or ignoring negative emotions you can cause just as much, if not more, damage as being negative and hateful. There needs to be a balance and you need to feel and acknowledge your feelings in full. What I am saying is be mindful.

By becoming mindful instead of working on autopilot, you can actively choose a more optimistic and kind frame of mind. You can begin to rewrite your patterns away from negative, pessimistic, and hateful and find a new sense of control and purpose that is fueled by optimism.

Oppression thrives on the negative, the nasty, and the hateful. Those things keep us small and inactive since they come from a place of nothing ever changes and nothing ever will – not for any good. It festers and preys upon every loathsome thought and presumption and the more you think, the more you simply wallow and do nothing but spread it’s injustices. Just ewww.

Optimism naturally feels “annoying” and “nonsensical” and “impractical” if you are stuck in that particular place. I totally get it and I understand how rough it can be to actually get out of – been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. That said, I would so much rather be considered “annoyingly” positive and optimistic than continue to be destructively negative and hateful. That gets no one no where fast.

While it can be down-right difficult at times to go against the currant, in this I find it to be a much more peaceful place to be. By letting go of all of the unnecessary negativity and hate, I can find the optimistic ways to keep going forward creating and inventing the changes I desire to see in my world and the world around me. Yes, I am but one small person, but I do what I can as hopefully and encouragingly as possible. How else can change begin if not with one person?

Namaste ~ Ella

*As a bit of a footnote, Monday Mantras are now going to be Affirmation Mondays since a Mantra is actually a sacred utterance. These posts are lovely bits of uplifting insight and inspiration and thus Affirmation is a much more fitting term.

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