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Word Nerd : Susurrus

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susurrus breezeSusurrus is one of those perfect, poetic, onomatopoeic words that simply make me happy to say or write. Oh, to think of the gentle, susurrus sounds of the dried, fallen leaves upon the ground and the few left on the branches dancing about as a breeze glides through, or the susurrus burbling of a creek as you sit by it and day-dream, lost in the wonder of nature and your own magical mind…

susurrus creek, streamBetter still, the susurrus sound the pages of a favorite book make as you make your way through it’s landscape…

susurrus book pages*well, maybe not quite so quickly…tee-hee!

Susurrus is a word I plan on utilizing the dickens out of now that I’ve learned of it’s beautiful existence (Thank you ModCloth Blog, particularly this post!)! I’d also like to make note that susurrus marks my one-year anniversary with Word Nerd! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the Word Nerdiversary Celebration!

Namaste ~ Ella

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