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Word Nerd : Discombobulate

Discombobulate is such a fanciful and awesomely onomatopoeic word. Considering that discombobulate is something of a whimsical and fanciful alteration of the words discompose and discomfort, it's no surprise to me that I adore it! When using it, I often think of some kind of science fiction robotic machine fizzing, smoking (rainbow smoke too, no… Continue reading Word Nerd : Discombobulate

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Word Nerd : Susurrus

Susurrus is one of those perfect, poetic, onomatopoeic words that simply make me happy to say or write. Oh, to think of the gentle, susurrus sounds of the dried, fallen leaves upon the ground and the few left on the branches dancing about as a breeze glides through, or the susurrus burbling of a creek… Continue reading Word Nerd : Susurrus

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Word Nerd : Onomatopoeic

Onomatopoeic is an odd word to describe because it is, in essence, a description! A tip I was given as a wee girl was that if I ever had a question about what an onomatopoeic word means, I should just ask myself, 'What does it sound like?'. I find myself utilizing onomatopoeic words all of… Continue reading Word Nerd : Onomatopoeic