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Word Nerd : Discombobulate

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discombobulate word nerd via LaWhimsyDiscombobulate is such a fanciful and awesomely onomatopoeic word. Considering that discombobulate is something of a whimsical and fanciful alteration of the words discompose and discomfort, it’s no surprise to me that I adore it! When using it, I often think of some kind of science fiction robotic machine fizzing, smoking (rainbow smoke too, no doubt) and sparking as it overloads (yeah, I’m all kinds of geek like that).

discombobulated scifi robot gif via lawhimsyOkay, so it’s not quite what I described, but it is certainly discombobulating in it’s own way!

My choice in the word discombobulate  this week is quite fitting since the weather (hot, humid and kinda gross) and the flu have served to discombobulate my mental state something fierce – to say nothing of the state of the house or work! I’m slowly setting things to rights, but the sheer discombobulation of it all has been verging dangerously on madness.

discombobulated art gifLuckily, life is not usually so discombobulating and even when it is, it is in more of a perplexing and humorous sort of way! May your days be free of any discombobulation!

Namaste ~ Ella

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