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Word Nerd : Aspectabund

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aspectabund-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyAspectabund is something of an obsolete word, most likely combining the terms of aspect (countenance) and abundance (plentiful amount) in one, lovely descriptive word. My own face is incredibly aspectabund – much to my chagrin at times. I mean, it’s seriously about as still as water when it comes to wearing my feelings on my sleeve (or, in this case, my face)!

aspectabund word nerd via LaWhimsyFacial expressions are amazing and even though being aspectabund can have it’s downsides, it can also be amazing since it has the ability to show a certain amount of guileless vulnerability. Sure, I’d love to have a poker-face sometimes, but it’s just not going to  happen – not in this life-time or with my personality!

aspectabund art gifWhat do you think of the term aspectabund? Does it apply to yourself or others that you know?

Namaste ~ Ella
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