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Fleeting Blossoms

CherryBlossoms Like a Painting by LaWhimsy

The cherry and pear blossoms are long gone now, but there sweet, fleeting memories still linger on in the form of photos on my camera…you know, the ones I just now got around to loading onto my computer, oops. Time has flown by almost as quickly as those precious petals as the danced away on the breeze, looking like a floral spring snowfall, so that’s why those images lingered on waiting patiently for my attentions (and why there are only two here right now). It’s actually something of a treat to get to see them again though I suppose that’s one of the greatest beauties of a photo – the memories it captures in that forever glimpse of that moment in time.

CherryBlossoms2014 by lawhimsy

Every year I get out and take about a million pictures of the blossoms, and even though the subject may be the same, the images are always unique to that day, that tree, the angles I choose, the contortions I apply, that moment and space in time and I love it so much more for it!

cherry blossm kisses gif

The blossoms may be fleeting, but their memories are not! Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella