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Word Nerd: Meliorism

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsymeliorism definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyMeliorism is the belief that the world can be improved through human effort. Meliorism was most likely drawn from the Latin melior (better) or the English meliorate, which is a synonym of ameliorate (to make better). Many credit British novelist George Eliot with coining meliorism and meliorist (an advocate of meliorism) in 1877, though meliorist had been being used before this date.

In today’s world meliorism seems to have faded to the edges of prevailing opinion, however as a meliorist I believe it’s high time to revive meliorism. Yes, there are terrible things happening all over the world. Yes, there are people in positions of power who care only for themselves and how much money they can pocket. Yes, it can feel at times as though the end times were nigh.

But that’s not the only focus nor the only things happening. There are still positive, beautiful, uplifting, melioristic things, people, and occurrences going on too. It’s always been this way all throughout the history of time and space. And the more energy and action we, each of us, give towards melioristic goals, why the more those will take center stage in our lives and in those we affect with our positive actions and energies.

humans can create hope meliorism via LaWhimsyEnergy is power / a power that sustains / Which will you choose? / Which will you obey? / Will you choose an ugly way / one of hate, corruption, dismay?/ Or will you choose another path / a melioristic one / which chooses to take control with peace and hope and love? / Either one is up to you / a choice to make / a chance to choose. / Follow the crowd or stand apart / listen to the horde / or listen to your heart… ~ Ella

Perhaps to some meliorism seems idealistic or unrealistic but to them I simply ask why? Why, if so many seem to be influencing and changing the world for the worst, can’t many also be changing it for the better? Why focus on all the negative instead of on what positives there are and can be done by you? I’m proud to be a meliorist and I will continue on using my energies for the positives!

Namaste ~ Ella

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