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Word Nerd: Meliorism

Meliorism is the belief that the world can be improved through human effort. Meliorism was most likely drawn from the Latin melior (better) or the English meliorate, which is a synonym of ameliorate (to make better). Many credit British novelist George Eliot with coining meliorism and meliorist (an advocate of meliorism) in 1877, though meliorist… Continue reading Word Nerd: Meliorism

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Word Nerd: Lagom

Lagom is a Swedish term and philosophy that means just the right amount. Of course, lagom (like many Swedish terms) doesn't have a true English language equivalent, rather more an attempt to capture the essence of the word. Lagom är bäst or The right amount is best, is a Swedish proverb that sums up the… Continue reading Word Nerd: Lagom

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Word Nerd: Induratize

Induratize is a word meaning to harden one's heart to someone's pleas or advances or to the idea of love. Induratize is, in other words, to close one's very sprint. There are many, many reasons why one would choose to induratize themselves. Heartache is painful, agonizing, and at times it feels like it's just too… Continue reading Word Nerd: Induratize