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Colds Are Never Fun But I’m Coping

Reclining Woman by Arthur B. Davies
Reclining Woman by Arthur B. Davies

‘Tis the season of the cold (though really, does a cold know any season?!) and I have a dozy of one. I’m coping as best as I am able (yes, that does mean quite a lot of complaining, lol) with lovely baths, plenty of liquids, rest and puppy and kitty cuddles. I’ve also been getting a few little things done. Oh, nothing exciting, but they are little things that make me happy and will make my life a wee bit nicer. You know, basic things like ripping CD’s onto my computer so that I can have easier access to my music (yeah CD’s, I’m old school like that).

CDRippingDon’t worry, I legally own all of these CD’s!

I’ve been reading a little bit and even sketching here and there, which is pleasant, even if I have yet to be happy with any of the results (I am so my worst critic!).

ColdBooksMy Book Choices are a bit on the Eclectic Side…

I’ll survive this cold, even if it means I have to cuddle up with my little booger-butt in the process…


Yeah, it’s a tough life right now, lol (and thank goodness for all those lovely photo filter choices…makes me look a little less ‘walking dead’ – if you know what I mean!). Here’s to healing and to not passing this cold along!

Namaste ~ Ella