Musings and Mutterings

Colds Are Never Fun But I’m Coping

'Tis the season of the cold (though really, does a cold know any season?!) and I have a dozy of one. I'm coping as best as I am able (yes, that does mean quite a lot of complaining, lol) with lovely baths, plenty of liquids, rest and puppy and kitty cuddles. I've also been getting… Continue reading Colds Are Never Fun But I’m Coping

Musings and Mutterings, Polyvore

Earth Day My Way

I really enjoy Earth Day and all of the awareness it raises for the World around us. That same World that we each of us live in and with day in and day out. The hype of Earth Day brings to the forefront all of the promise and ideas that abound when it comes to… Continue reading Earth Day My Way