Autumnal Balance by LaWhimsy
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Autumn Equinox

Autumn Balance set by LaWhimsy on Polyvore Today marks the very first full day of Autumn and it's part of the Autumnal Equinox (as I mentioned in my Monday Mantra). This particular equinox is one that is about balance (day and night are equal, before they begin to grow shorter) and this is a fantastic… Continue reading Autumn Equinox

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Welcome Summer

Today, June 21, marks the longest day of the year and come rain or shine, it's also the brightest! Summer has never been my favorite season, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it - or at least many of it's positive traits. You know, things like lazy, long afternoons, cute sandals and crop-tops… Continue reading Welcome Summer

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Autumn Ambiance

It's spicy air and moldering ground, it's sharp contrasts and cracking sounds, Autumn has come, it's finally here, that last great burst of Nature's flare. So marvel now, take some time, delight and wonder at the divine... I am so thrilled to welcome Autumn's return (I mean, seriously I'm waxing poetic here, tee-hee!)! It's a… Continue reading Autumn Ambiance

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Autumn of Whimsy ~ Image Delights

Such fragile, dusty blooms are soon to be the fate of many a lush plant as the Earth prepares for it's upcoming slumber, but before that all shall take on a burst of color... I long to follow this path and discover where it wends. You can almost taste the dusky, sweet scent of the… Continue reading Autumn of Whimsy ~ Image Delights

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Earth Day My Way

I really enjoy Earth Day and all of the awareness it raises for the World around us. That same World that we each of us live in and with day in and day out. The hype of Earth Day brings to the forefront all of the promise and ideas that abound when it comes to… Continue reading Earth Day My Way