Autumnal Balance by LaWhimsy
Musings and Mutterings, Polyvore

Autumn Equinox

Autumnal Balance by LaWhimsyAutumn Balance set by LaWhimsy on Polyvore

Today marks the very first full day of Autumn and it’s part of the Autumnal Equinox (as I mentioned in my Monday Mantra). This particular equinox is one that is about balance (day and night are equal, before they begin to grow shorter) and this is a fantastic time to seek out balance in your inner being. With the harvest and last fiery dance of nature before it’s winter slumber begins, this is a time to reflect upon your spirits, soul and welfare and to seek out that sometimes elusive balance between the outer world and your personal inner world. Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can all aid in connecting to yourself. Making gratitude lists, getting outside and feeling the brisk air, and inhaling it’s spicy, woody scent can make you feel alive and connected to world around you. Take some time today to simply breathe and take notice of the changes that surround you – inside, outside, and everywhere in between!

Namaste ~ Ella