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Autumn of Whimsy ~ Image Delights

All Our Happy Endings by illusionality

Such fragile, dusty blooms are soon to be the fate of many a lush plant as the Earth prepares for it’s upcoming slumber, but before that all shall take on a burst of color…

I long to follow this path and discover where it wends. You can almost taste the dusky, sweet scent of the damp earthy ground mixed with the crisp Autumn air and brilliantly colored leaves…

Autumn by Penelope Dullaghan

I am already finding myself layering on cozy sweater, warm knee socks and fingerless gloves (they help keep my otherwise icy fingers a bit more ‘alive’ feeling). I mean as it is said,

Alas, the one downside to this glorious time of year is that colds are being passed about and no matter how diligent I am about my health, I still manage to catch one or two (dozen – or so it feels). Currently I am in a state of semi-misery, despite the bright, crisp, sunshiny days the week has been rolling out, since I have an aching head and congested everything else. It’s nothing bad enough to keep me in bed, but it’s just enough to make me feel a touch cranky and everything takes a lot more energy and effort to actually do (okay, fine, truth time – it takes more to actually make myself get up and do stuff – once I’m doing it I’m alright, it’s just the getting there part. I’m sure y’all know what I mean…right?).

So I may not be so far gone as to want to slide down into a stone pool of fallen leaves, but you get the idea… I do think that I’ll be better in a day or so, so I’ll leaf off (puns are awesome!) with the whining and share a few more joyful shots of Autumn’s delights…

Autumn Ambiance

It’s spicy air and moldering ground, it’s sharp contrasts and cracking sounds, Autumn has come, it’s finally here, that last great burst of Nature’s flare. So marvel now, take some time, delight and wonder at the divine… ~ La

This sweater is so Autumn – look at those colors and the pattern! Oh to be able to truly knit!

Autumn colors at Sleepy Hollow Farm in Vermont, USA (by nkeppol).

This makes me long for those cool days ahead. For flea market trips, hay rides, cider sipping, wood smoke on the crisp air, grilled cheese and hot soup dinners, cuddling under blankets with furry buddies and great books. I can’t wait to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, visit Floyd and various other quaint small towns around here, attend the festivals and just live it up at the start of my most favorite ever time of year. From now until January I am going to be in rare form ~ colds, sniffles and body aches you can’t stop my spirits from loving it all, tee-hee!

So wearing something warmer when it’s cold out is probably smarter than this, but oh well, lol.

Hooray for Autumn! Is anybody else excited about this upcoming season?

Namaste ~ Ella

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  1. Huzza to the autumn!!! And no, nothing shall ever be able to truly dampen our spirits for long! 🙂 Long live jumping into piles of leafs!

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