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Poetry ~ Simple Delight

Simple Delight
Simple delights, so airy and pure
whimsical even, so much they can cure.
A light,silly laugh at a joke or a tease
Wandering breezily, resting where it would please.
Let go of the heavy, the needlessly weary
Ease up and realize not everyone is in a hurry.
So much more in this life is about un-clenching
Shrugging off the negative, the worrisome and bitchy.
Relax, share a laugh and a smile or two
Otherwise life will drag by in a somber sort of mood.
Who really wants that – to wallow and retch
Ruin the good times by drowning in dreck?
No one, I’m sure – or very few if you’d like
So to everyone I say  – give it up, see the light.
Enjoy all the little things from silly to sweet
And maybe, just maybe you’ll bring delight to those you meet!
                                                                                             ~ Ella
I really enjoy poetry and prose and they way it can convey expressions and feelings and paint pictures with it’s flowing style. I’ve even gone so far as to write a few pieces of my own sort of lyrical nature. This is a piece of mine and I do have others that I’ll be sharing from time to time. Let me know if you like them and I’ll make pieces of my poetry and poetry that I like a semi-regular feature here.
Namaste and stay cool in this heat ~ Ella

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