An Autumn Post Gathering and Equinox Delights

Another year, another seasonal shift, and another glorious Autumnal Equinox to celebrate! The air has already begun to shift and there have been many signs of Autumn already showing up all around. Many trees have started to change into their fiery Fall colors and the sounds of dying leaves scuttling about the ground when a… Continue reading An Autumn Post Gathering and Equinox Delights

Get Messy

Get Messy Week 5

This week's pages were such a delight to create and I even have a bit of a surprise for you from part of it! I was feeling extremely inspired and just creative, so I let it flow and here are the results... Page one is based on an idea I've had floating around in my… Continue reading Get Messy Week 5

Get Messy

Get Messy Week 4

This week it's all about the absolutely wonderful Autumnal Equinox that's being celebrated here in the Northern Hemisphere. I adore this time of year - the crisp air, the sharp, spicy smells, the harvest colors bursting with fiery charm, the dance of the leaves and then their crunchy piles. It's pure bliss! Because of my… Continue reading Get Messy Week 4

Images, Musings and Mutterings


Autumn is waning in it's fiery, faerie glory and my thoughts have been as scattered as the leaves that dance and skitter across the ground with the breeze. I swear my focus is as fleeting as a real squirrels - one minute here, another there, always darting about, never staying in one place for long.… Continue reading Ramblings

Images, Musings and Mutterings, Polyvore

Autumn of Whimsy ~ Image Delights

Such fragile, dusty blooms are soon to be the fate of many a lush plant as the Earth prepares for it's upcoming slumber, but before that all shall take on a burst of color... I long to follow this path and discover where it wends. You can almost taste the dusky, sweet scent of the… Continue reading Autumn of Whimsy ~ Image Delights