An Autumn Post Gathering and Equinox Delights

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Skyline Fever photography by LaWhimsyAnother year, another seasonal shift, and another glorious Autumnal Equinox to celebrate! The air has already begun to shift and there have been many signs of Autumn already showing up all around. Many trees have started to change into their fiery Fall colors and the sounds of dying leaves scuttling about the ground when a breeze picks up have been heard more and more often. I feel so alive at this time of year, filled with joy, wonder, awe, and a sort of spiritual vibrancy that seems to resonate and echo throughout Nature. As the L.M. Montgomery quote says “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” though I would change it to Autumns! That said, I have gathered up a bunch of my Autumnal posts for a delightful Equinox treat…

Let the leaves gather as they may for Autumn shall very soon fade away poetic gif via LaWhimsyFirst up are all the luscious Word Nerd Posts that have been added over the years…

feuillemort autumn gif via lawhimsyThen there are my various poetry, photography, imagery and quote gathering posts that extol the exquisite beauty and sweet sadness that the Autumnal season holds…


Autumn will always hold a special place in my soul since it’s the season I feel the most alive in. The snap of the air, the crackle of the leaves beneath my dancing feet, the smokey, earthy smells, the vibrancy of the harvest, the contrasts, the turning inward while still celebrating the outward, the bold, beautiful, the delight of life and death, the sheer wonder of it all…it fills my veins, entrances my senses, and has my spirits singing. Oh Autumn I’m so glad to rejoice with you again! How do you feel about this season?

Namaste ~ Ella

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