Funny how everything goes your way when you stop giving a fuck quote Monday Mantra 173 via LaWhimsy
Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 173 – Funny how everything goes your way when you stop giving a fuck

*Warning: Gratuitous Use of the Word F**K Ahead*Funny how everything goes your way when you stop giving a fuck quote Monday Mantra 173 via LaWhimsyFunny how everything goes your way when you stop giving a fuck.” ~ Unknown

You know that lovely saying all out of fucks to give? Well I think it’s both a hilarious and very real truth that each and every single one of us feels from time to time.

Of course there is both a positive time and way of running out of fucks and a negative time and way. The negative way hurts others, has no compassion, and is down-right cruel, however this particular blog and post shall be focusing on the positive, self-love and compassionate ways one can stop giving a fuck and carry on.

Those ways are the ones that show up when you are pushed to your limits, worn down, or simply overwhelmed. It’s those times when you stop and realize that you’ve been setting goals based on other’s opinions instead of your own, or when you are doing your best to help or provide for someone and it’s being taken advantage of. You reach that breaking point where you’ve lost your voice, your direction and goals, and your worth feels decimated or just worn down. That’s when you simply stop and say Nope. No More. Done. And when you do that it feels so good. So liberating. Coupled with that feeling comes another interesting truth that tends to follow once we stop giving a fuck and that is how life seems to flow just a little smoother, a little kinder, a little more your way.

It really is funny how everything seems to start going your way once you stop giving a fuck. Once you stop trying to meet other people’s standards or ideals and start focusing on what is right by you and your flow. Does not giving a fuck mean there won’t be any problems or that you won’t fall back into old habits? No, but the more you stop giving a fuck about what others are doing, thinking, saying, and start listening to what you want, your life just gets better.

I know that as I’ve matured and gained some wisdom, I’ve started running out of all kinds of fucks to give and instead have used that energy to care for and nurture myself. I’ve set the goals I’m aiming for and I’m doing it on my time, not some arbitrary timeline that society deems correct. By not giving any fucks about “normal” I’m free to define my normal and it’s awesome! In doing so it’s made it easier to be kind and compassionate and forgiving to myself and in-turn to others. There is power and magic in not giving a fuck so set yourself free and see how your life changes!

Namaste ~ Ella

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