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Word Nerd: Abendrot

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyabendrot definition Word Nerd via LaWhimsyAbendrot is the red color of the western sky at sunset. Abendrot is a German word that combines abend (evening) and rot (red color) and can be translated to mean evening red or afterglow.

Abendrot goes with the last two Word Nerds I did – heliolatry and sabaism and can relate to a skyward gaze.

abendrot skies all alight with a blaze of color image by Ella via LaWhimsyWhile not entirely red, this is still an abendrot sky, one that I caught with my phone one dusk as I gazed out the widow and felt my breath catch with awe in my throat…

Abendrot is a gorgeous word that does a fairly admirable job at catching the sheer awe-inspiring beauty that is the sky during dusk. Abendrot is one of those almost daily miracles that we are so lucky to witness. During trying, testing times it is beyond important that we take the time to be a full witness to all of the beauty and wonder that surrounds as well as the difficult and horrid. They balance each other out and remind us of all that there is to fight for. Enjoy a bit of abendrot gazing this week if you are able!

Namaste ~ Ella

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