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Affirmation Mondays 272 – Yesterday is heavy so put it down

Yesterday is heavy so put it down life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 272 via LaWhimsyYesterday is heavy so put it down.” ~ Life Wisdom

We all of us carry so much unneeded weight from day to day…

“Yesterday is heavy so put it down.”

Too often the seeming weight of the world rests upon our very souls. The worries, the fears, the pain, the suffering, the hatred and the ignorance – either of our own or of others, digs deeply into our cores and leaves it’s mark as a burden upon our beings.

It does not have to.

Each day we have a choice. A choice to put down yesterday, with it’s irritations and doubts and start anew today.

Now this doesn’t mean we all have a free-card to act like ignorant assholes and then forget about it because “Hey, that was yesterday and this is today!”. Yeah, not that at all.

What this means is that as you strive to do better, you don’t have to let each mistake, each pain carry over and eat you up as they tear you down and apart. You have the choice to say that, yes, I made a mistake or that awful things happened, but today I am going to do better and do whatever I am capable of to set thing s right. I am going to find and create ways to correct the wrongs, to replace the pains with soothing goodness.

Just like I shared before when I shared that “These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” or “I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry.” We all of us tend to carrying around so much extra that actually prevents us from rising and showing up as our best.

It’s been programed into us to bear these burdens of guilt and suffering and pain instead of seeking out actual, active ways to correct situations and let these burdens of yesterday go. To find ways to apologize and then do better. To not just notice injustice, but to speak out and do something about it. To not just feel bad when another person is wronged and think this is how it is, but to stop and point out it’s wrong and find ways to set it right.

Just because society at large is one way doesn’t mean that it the best, only or even right way. A perfect example is the police system. We are taught that the police are the ultimate authority and you should never question that authority and just trust it to protect you and your rights. Yet, we are seeing how wrong that blind trust is. How this system is set up to only be just to a certain type of person (usually white and affluent). How this system is allowing police officers to be judge, jury and executioner whenever they want with few repercussions, if any. It is corrupt and faulty and needs to be completely overhauled from the ground up.

We have allowed too many to have to carry the weight of this fear and disorder on their shoulders and if we saw the wrongs we simply added it to our own weights instead of actively challenging it. Not any more.

We take the lessons the pain of yesterday provided, but leave the rest there. Now is the time to set down the weights of yesterday and rise up. It’s time to place the burdens of this broken system at the feet of those who have encouraged and fostered it and time for us to create something better, free from the weight of yesterday.

Set yourself free from that weight. Make sure to register to vote and vote in every election and keep your eye on they ways they keep trying to suppress our very right to place those votes.

Keep yourself safe and sane and let the weight of yesterday go. You can put it down and breathe. The only way to make it through these trying, challenging, changing times is to take care of yourself and keep on doing better. You are an important part of everything that’s going on, even if you feel small in it all. By showing up and being kind you truly are making a difference. After all, the smallest of ripples is still a ripple.

Namaste ~ Ella

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