Jade Rolling 101

Jade Roller via LaWhimsy

Jade rolling has been a beauty buzz trend for awhile now and I’m certain you have seen it popping up in any number of places. But what exactly is jade rolling and why should you try it? Well keep on reading and you’ll find out…

Jade rolling is a form of face rolling done specifically with, you guessed it, a face roller made out of jade stone.Why jade? Well the jade stone has long been associated with purity, purification, gentleness and nourishment – all things that our face and skin love! Add in it’s cool touch, soothing nature and wide availability and you have an ideal stone for a face roller.

Face rolling is a form of facial massage done with a special tool – in this case, a jade roller. It has a number of benefits including

  • Increasing blood circulation to the face, which promotes a healthy glow and firmness to the skin.
  • Helps stimulate lymphatic drainage which can help decrease puffiness and flush toxins from your system.
  • It can cool and soothe the skin, which can aide in de-puffing and tightening pores
  • It helps to distribute skin products and helps them to sink in fully for maximum benefits.
  • It can help ease tension held in the facial muscles and even ease anxiety since it is a soothing, repetitive motion that soothes as it glides across the skin.


To facial roll begin by getting a roller of your choice. While there are a variety of facial rollers available, a premium jade roller is my favorite. Then you apply your favorite serum, lotion or oil and begin gliding the jade roller across your face using gentle, short strokes. I like to start at my chin and work upwards, first one side of my face, then the other, and then my forehead. I also do my neck last, working the center and then each side.

Jade Rolling Facial Rolling Guide Map via LaWhimsy

This is a basic guide. To follow simply use your jade roller in the suggested direction and area of the arrows starting at the chin.

Do this for 5 to 10 minutes and bask in the delicious feelings. In all it takes me about 5 minutes to do my entire face and neck and it feels so wonderful! Oh, and while some redness may occur, it usually fades away rather quickly.

There is really no wrong way to go about it, just remember to be gentle and if it hurts ease up or stop using it in that area. Jade rolling is a soothing, calming practice that anyone can do and I encourage you to try it out. It may just become a new favorite bit of self-care!

Namaste ~ Ella