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Affirmation Mondays 271 – Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.

Be kinder to yourself And then let your kindness flood the world Pema Chodron quote Monday Mantra 271 via LaWhimsyBe kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.” ~ Pema Chodron

Kindness remains the answer to so much of what ails us and the world…

“Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.”

Hatred is what is driving the inequalities and brutalities that are almost a daily given for a percentage of our country. And it is time for them to come to an end once and for all.

One answer to this is kindness. Yes, kindness. The kindness we begin to show to ourselves and then flood outward to the world.

It is not enough to simply be kind, however. No, this kindness begins within as you begin to take note and dismantle all of the lies and internalized misogyny and racial protocols that have filled your mind since you were a child. Doing this is not making a list of how wrong or horrid or bad you are. It is simply doing the work to weed out everything that is false and that any decent soul wouldn’t want to be doing and maybe don’t realize that they are doing.

As you do this, be kind to yourself. It takes work to dismantle the lies of generations, but it can be done. Remind yourself that each and every single person you encounter is just that, a person. The color of their skin, their ethnicity, their gender, their sexual preferences, their religion, their social-economic standing, their anything is just that – theirs and nothing to make them less than. They are equally a human being and therefore deserve the respect and regard that all humans deserve.

The more you begin to live with this awareness, this kindness, in yourself, the more you will begin to see the ways that society has been unfair or not given an equal platform to some people and your kindness will urge you to find ways to even this out. You begin to listen more and to see with open, kind eyes.

You will see how much has been left out of the story of our country, of just how white-centric it has long painted it’s self to be. And you will see just how wrong that is. History has never begun when the white people showed up and it will not end that way either.

Now is a time when we need to rise up those who have been pushed down and make sure that they stand shoulder to shoulder and that equality is made a norm for everyone.

The starting point right now is Black Lives Matter. By doing all that we can to demand a change to the entire police situation through de-funding, de-militarizing and not allowing them to be above the law anymore we are taking a stand for equality that is long overdue.

We can keep doing better and kinder. Make sure to register to vote and vote in every election. If you can’t make it out to a protest, be sure to support a bailout fund and share the link wherever you can. Educate yourself by visiting any of the multitude of sources, like Digging Deeper via Garden Party by Sophia Rose. Be open. Listen. Learn. And spread kindness out into the world.

This is a long haul situation and coupled with the threat of COVID-19, kindness is a much needed resource right now. It’s time to stamp out the hatred of racism and kindness is one of the best ways to ensure we all have the strength and stamina to get it done. Keep on and keep kind!

Namaste ~ Ella

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