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Word Nerd : Mizzle

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mizzle word nerd via lawhimsyAh, mizzle – this is a word I fell in love with the first time I came upon it in “Emma” when she describes Mr. Weston’s gallantry in fetching two umbrellas from Farmer Mitchell’s for herself and Miss Taylor when it began to mizzle (and she began her ‘match-making’).  It’s such a sweet and lovely sounding word that describes the very pleasing, sometimes melancholy, other times cozy and gladsome, weather of a wet, overcast sort of day.

Mizzle Whimsy art collage by lawhimsy

 “The sky’s gray and there’s mizzle. It’s so soft on my skin–it’s nothing like rain. It’s even softer than the lightest drizzle! Lift my face up, so it can kiss my skin.” – Jenn Fagan “The Panopticon”

It’s a rather mizzly day here, though the temperature is up so it’s muggy. It’s almost as though Summer is attempting to drag itself on, squeezing out just a few more days of warmth and humid closeness before Autumn starts to fully take over (it’s already creeping in, however). Since I have a headache and a new puppy who loves to take naps on laps, I suppose I’ll do my best to indulge in the sleepy atmosphere and enjoy the day’s mizzle and petrichor for all it’s worth! If it’s mizzly where you are, I hope you are able to do the same and if it’s not, enjoy the sun!

Namaste ~ Ella

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