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Word Nerd : Pluviophile

Pluviophile is, admittedly, something of a made-up word since it has no official entry in any dictionary (The Urban Dictionary aside, since that can be a rather sketchy source.). The word pluviophile seems to be derived of the words pluvial (of or relating to rain) and phile (having a fondness for something). Who doesn't love… Continue reading Word Nerd : Pluviophile

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Word Nerd : Mizzle

Ah, mizzle - this is a word I fell in love with the first time I came upon it in "Emma" when she describes Mr. Weston's gallantry in fetching two umbrellas from Farmer Mitchell's for herself and Miss Taylor when it began to mizzle (and she began her 'match-making').  It's such a sweet and lovely sounding… Continue reading Word Nerd : Mizzle