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Word Nerd : Phosphenes

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phosphenes word nerd via lawhimsyAt one time or another, everyone has closed their eyes and rubbed on them (despite being told how bad it is for your poor eyeballs…and the pain and wrinkles it can cause, eep!) and the lights and colors that seemed to explode when doing so are quite amazing. Those are called phosphenes and just how neat is it to know their name?! As a child I loved how squeezing my eyes tight could bring about so much color and the shapes that seems to move about and dance delighted me. I still enjoy it, though I am a lot more careful about it, since it can cause a headache (and, yeah, the skin around my eyes is delicate, so I don’t want to harm it any, though wrinkles are still not a top concern…as yet anyway.).
phosphenes delight are collage via lawhimsyAs I practice meditation, I notice that phosphenes seems to naturally occur and sometimes I even try to focus on creating one color or even a shape to meditate upon. I like to think that phosphenes can be created through our own source of inner light and reflection and that the more in-tune one is to their inner self, the more light and reflection there will be.

phosphenes disney style*Maybe you can see phosphenes easier then this*

Hope you sparkle with your natural inner light, phosphenes or no!

Namaste ~ Ella

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