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Meet Nelly Belle

NellyBelle1So a few weeks ago I made mention of something exciting happening with the Word Nerd cynophilist. That said, I’d like to introduce my darling Nelly Belle. She’s a beagle/Brittany Spaniel mix that was born to a way old mother and the family that had her said they just didn’t have room or time for another dog.  I found her as a courtesy listing through the Petfinder app since the shelter wanted to try and find a good home for her before placing her in the actual shelter (good thing too, since it’s unfortunately a kill shelter – no fault of theirs, they just don’t have the room or resources, though their volunteers are wonderful and do the very best they can!).

NellyBelle2I had been perusing the site and app for awhile, putting out some feelers and when I saw her listing, something just felt “right”. I actually was the first (and only) person to inquire about her since her listing was brand new and within a week she was home. The little darling is such a cuddly bundle – her favorite spot to nap is in my lap or as attached to me as possible and couches and chairs are her favorite places to play with her toys (she also loves “her” pillow).

SleepingNellyShe spent almost her entire life up to my getting her outside with her mother and two other dogs and I’m fairly certain they didn’t ween her properly (or at all…sigh). When I brought her home she was about 10 weeks old and she bonded to me immediately. I mean we are talking velcro dog here. It’s been a bit rough crate training her and tackling her separation anxiety issues, but she’s a fast learner and already there’s been notable progress. The diaper is needed for house-training accident prevention since I live and work on a second story, but I think she’ll only need it for a few months (She already knows how to take it off if she’s had an accident in it and she’s really good about going outside). I am very happy to say that Jojo, Weiky and Sinny are adapting quite well…

JojoWeikySinnycollage*In their own ways, of course…*

The major hurtle right now (besides the already mentioned) is getting rid of her worms (ewwwwwww, my poor baby) and then getting her scheduled for getting fixed at about 3 or 4 months old. I’m really loving my sweet Nelly Belle and even when it can get a bit exasperating, her cuteness always makes up for it!

HappyNellyShe’s one happy little girl who’s adding even more happiness and joy to my life!

Namaste ~ Ella

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