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Word Nerd : Puckish

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puckish hair toss gif via lawhimsyAh, puckish, what a glorious word and one often used to rather aptly describe my impish, whimsical attitude and sense of humor, tee-hee (well, at least by those who are more polite at any rate)! Puck is such a devilish and oddly charming character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I don’t mind having a wee bit of a puckish quality of my own.

Puckish Puck by A Rackham via word nerd by lawhimsyPuck’s expression just says it all, now doesn’t it?! Arthur Rackham did it so right!!!

I enjoy the more whimsically cheeky side of the puckish definition, rather then the devilish or naughty, but I suppose there’s always a time and place for that…hehehe.

Puckish Puck and a Fairy by Arther Rackham via lawhimsyWhat do you think of the term puckish and how does it apply to your life or personality? I think every has a puckish side, at least a glimmer of one, every now and then and the more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more it will undoubtedly show and bring a bit more joy and delight to life! Let your puckish nature peek out today and see what kind of grins you can create and share!

Namaste ~ Ella

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