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Everyday Pleasantness

Sweet Skies and Gentle SighsI took this pic while letting Nelly out this morning…

It’s one of those delightful sorts of days, where the air is clear and soft, with an underlying hint of the cool Autumn weather that’s on the brink of arriving. The skies are a halcyon blue, with bright white and gray clouds floating about with the glorious breeze that keeps coming through the windows to play with my hair and kiss my cheek. It’s the end of the week, a day of celebration (a birthday for a loved one – not just the gladness of another week wrapped-up, tee-hee) and the start of a few day’s worth of excitement and adventure. First presents, cake and joy, then tomorrow is the huge Flea Market at the fairgrounds which is always a place filled with untold treasures, fried yummy treats and who knows what kind of horrors and thrills (seriously, anything and everything seems to be sold – or attempted to be – at this thing).


It’s a Friday the 13th and I’d rather be merry then superstitious (though I do respect those who are – just be extra careful, okay?!)! I have always thought the day to be a rather nice one, especially since the birthday girl, herself, was born on a Friday the 13th. Since she has been such a blessed presence in my life, I think it’s something of a lucky day!

Here’s to a grand day for all and an even better weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella