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Word Nerd : Eldritch

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eldritch-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyWith Halloween, Samhain and The Day of the Dead so very close at hand, I felt that an otherworldly sort of word would be quite fitting and eldritch is a rather delightful word with Old English/Scottish origins (both of which are deliciously filled with otherworldly history, myths and lore). May your day be filled with all sorts of pleasant, eldritch occurrences – and for those who are being affected by Sandy I hope that you and your dear ones are safe and secure!

Eldritch Word Nerd art collage via lawhimsy“Do not expect again a phoenix hour, The triple-towered sky, the dove complaining, Sudden the rain of gold and heart’s first ease Traced under trees by the eldritch light of sundown.” – Cecil Day-Lewis ‘From Feathers to Iron’.
  eldritch mist sunlight gif via lawhimsyAn eldritch scream filled the still night air and my awareness of the thinning veil between worlds grew stronger…
Namaste ~ Ella
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  1. It’s also a She-Ra title: The Eldritch Mist…so much more of my life makes sense now…

    In relation to 80s cartoon shows that is. 😉

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