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Word Nerd : Uitwaaien

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uitwaaien word nerd via LaWhimsy Uitwaaien is a Dutch word that has no English equivalent, which I think is a real pity, since it is such a lovely word in it’s meaning (though, in Dutch I think it’s a delight to say, not to mention spell!). I often long to take an uitwaaien when life gets hectic and my mind becomes a befuddled mess. To breath in cool, fresh air, absorb in nature’s smells and sounds, and to feel my mental well-being regain it’s center as the wind clears my mind and soul…ahhh. I could go for uitwaaien right now!
uitwaaien on my mind via lawhimsyOf course, city-dwellers and folks who reside in more urban locals need not despair, for I’m sure that uitwaaien is every bit as wonderful in a park or even along the sidewalks in a metropolitan downtown, since you are still getting outside, away from being cooped-up and clearing your mind, all the while feeling the outside air upon your skin (and cities can be windy!). In an ideal life, I would take a long uitwaaien each breezy day, just to feel connected with my natural surroundings and to feel more in-tune with nature and it’s sweet, harmonic ways. With my pup, Nelly, I do get outside several times each day and I think I shall begin to use them as a bit of uitwaaien, a breather and a head-clearing moment to just be.
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I hope everyone is able to take uitwaaien of their own this week (and stay warm as you do)!
Namaste ~ Ella

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6 thoughts on “Word Nerd : Uitwaaien”

  1. Uitwaaien is actually a verb, not a noun 😉
    You don’t say “an uitwaaien”, that doesn’t exist. It’s also a word that can’t be transformed into a noun, it’s only a verb.
    When you conjugate the verb it is like this:

    – ik waai uit (me)
    – jij waait uit (you)
    – hij/zij waait uit (he/she)
    – wij waaien uit (we)
    – jullie waaien uit (you – plural)
    – zij waaien uit (they)

    Hope to have learned you something new 🙂
    Good day!

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