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My Mod Week of Love Photos

Modweekoflove photo challenge Last week ModCloth shared this darling photo a day challenge on Instagram and I quite cheerfully rose to the challenge. I thought that I’d share my images here*, since just because February 14th has passed us by, that doesn’t mean the celebration of love has! Enjoy…

Day 1

modweekoflove day 1 via lawhimsyThis red little pup is ready to go and share the love!

Day 2

modweekoflove day 2 via lawhimsyIt was so difficult to choose just one ModCloth dress as a favorite, but this one won my heart by default!

Day 3

modweekoflove day 3 via lawhimsyNot only does this precious notebook have a heart worked into it’s rich leather cover, the heart pendant and antique key represent heart-felt love (and a heart shape) to me!

Day 4

modweekoflove day 4 via lawhimsySugar-cookies, freshly made with loving hands and laughter. There is just something about homemade that tastes so much better then anything else!

Day 5

modweekoflove day 5 via lawhimsyI love to leave a bit of sparkle wherever I go and with these darling lovelies, it’s easy as can be (plus they make me so happy whenever I slip them on and twirl about my way)!

Day 6

modweekoflove day 6 via lawhimsyThis was irony at it’s best, since on this day we received almost a foot and a half of snow and my Instagram memory was this ~ Because it was Summer, it was spontaneous and it was such fun!

Day 7

modweekoflove day 7 via lawhimsyTag my true love, you say, Well this is my true BUB (and Lil Bub, being the purrfect balance of magic and science space cat that She is, is very near the same thing)!!!

So there you have it, My #modweekoflove summed up in one very happy post! Did anyone else do this or do any other type of photo a day challenge? I really enjoyed the daily photo prompt and I am looking forward to do similar challenges in the future!

Namaste ~ Ella

*All of these images can be found on my Instagram or on webstagram.

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