I was scared of change yet change was in me all along. Ella Patrice quote via LaWhimsy.com

Embracing JOMO and Accepting Algorithm Changes

"I was scared of change yet change was in me all along." ~ Ella Patrice Now unless you've been living underneath a proverbial rock, I'm certain that you've heard of the algorithm changes that Instagram is going to be enacting (though not today, despite the turn on post notifications fervor (fyi - I find post… Continue reading Embracing JOMO and Accepting Algorithm Changes

UncustomaryAugust collage 3 via lawhimsy
Musings and Mutterings

The Uncustomary August Instachallenge LaWhimsy Style

August may be over and September well on it's way, but its memories still linger on in the form of one of the most delightful InstaChallenges I've participated in. Mary of the always inspiring and utterly rainbow-tastic blog Uncustomary Art created her first Instagram challenge with Uncustomary August and let me just say that she… Continue reading The Uncustomary August Instachallenge LaWhimsy Style

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#ProjectPositive Rock Your Life Challenge

My Days 1 & 14 The lovely Anastasia did it again with this #ProjectPositive challenge - Rock Your Life! I fully and eagerly participated in this challenge just like I did in the last one (read about it here). Unlike last time which was fairly Twitter focused (for me anyway), this time around it was… Continue reading #ProjectPositive Rock Your Life Challenge

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My Mod Week of Love Photos

Last week ModCloth shared this darling photo a day challenge on Instagram and I quite cheerfully rose to the challenge. I thought that I'd share my images here*, since just because February 14th has passed us by, that doesn't mean the celebration of love has! Enjoy... Day 1 This red little pup is ready to… Continue reading My Mod Week of Love Photos

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Lovely Things

Vintage Biba fashion Illustration I've been discovering all sorts of lovely things, from this gorgeous Biba illustration (that expression in her eyes is so dream-like) to new expressions, like Bliss Trigger via Happiness Is. How great is the idea of finding something that is a bit out of the ordinary and making it a symbol… Continue reading Lovely Things

Images, Musings and Mutterings

Verdant Dreams…

Oh, lush Summer I long for thee. For endless reaching forest greens. For dew sweet mornings filled with birdsong and days that reach on and on. Then delicious dusks where spells unwind with precious coolness and velvet, star dotted skies. Oh, the life which comes from thee and makes me rich with your harmony. Until… Continue reading Verdant Dreams…