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Lovely Things

Barbara Hulanicki fashion Illustration via PinterestVintage Biba fashion Illustration

I’ve been discovering all sorts of lovely things, from this gorgeous Biba illustration (that expression in her eyes is so dream-like) to new expressions, like Bliss Trigger via Happiness Is. How great is the idea of finding something that is a bit out of the ordinary and making it a symbol to stop, slow down and realize just how wonderful and happy life can be? My current bliss triggers include spotting flowers (or small bits of green) growing in random places, like outta cracks in a crumbling wall or near rubbish bins or whatnot.

tiny rain mushroomsBliss Trigger ~ tiny ‘shrooms that pooped up in the cracks of the drive.

Time spent wandering about a small down-town I’m not all that familiar with (Galax, VA to be precise) added to to the lovely factor. There was a festival going on and several charming stores to browse about in.

My Galax Collage

I absolutely fell in love with the Golden Gallery of Galax  which is an antique/collectable store filled with the most amazing European (mostly German) objects. The set-up is like going into the best museum attic and getting to wander through endless treasures. I was in heaven and I plan on going back as often as possible! I indulged in one sweet treasure –

My Steiff Bear Purse

This Steiff Bear Purse is from the early 80’s and is so darling I simply couldn’t leave him behind and He’s straight from Germany!  Beyond that treasure box of a store, there were several more antique places, boutiques and a tiny consignment shop where I scored a terrific lamp for the studio (more on that later).  I also got to wear my new ModCloth shoes – the Lakeside Celebration Wedge.

My Lakeside Celebration W

It’s the little things that make everything else that much better and easier to bear.  Lovely, whimsical things have been filling my days and I am looking forward to seeing what bits of lovely make themselves known in this week!

Here’s to a wonderful new week!

Namaste ~ Ella

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