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Word Nerd : Lachrymose

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lachrymose-definition-word-nerd-via-lawhimsyLachrymose sounds like such a somber, moody word, albeit a quite lovely one, if a sad mood could be considered lovely, that is. I think some melancholy moods can have a sort of bittersweet side to them and who among us hasn’t given in to a woefully dramatic pity party of sorts?

lachrymose-broken-heart-comic-art-via-lawhimsyNaturally, a lachrymose attitude or mindset is best doled out in small bits and is not exactly something I, personally, would want as a defining character trait. However, considering those who are feeling down to be a bit more lachrymose, rather than just moody or miserable, may be a kinder thing and it provides a more sympathetic attitude.


We all have it in us to be lachrymose from time to time, but so long as we can remember that tomorrow shall always come in one way or another I think it can be a positive rather than just a negative. Besides, saying that I am feeling dreadfully lachrymose sounds so much, oh I don’t know, neater, than saying I’m cranky or down in the dumps, don’t you think?

lachrymose-gilded-introspection-digital-art-collage-by-ella-of-lawhimsyLachrymose Gilded Introspection by Lawhimsy on Polyvore

Namaste ~ Ella

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2 thoughts on “Word Nerd : Lachrymose”

  1. Well, I love this! Thanks so much for always finding such wonderful new words to work into conversation… saying “I feel so lachrymose today” sounds SO much more fabulous than, “I’m a bit down in the dumps…” xx

    1. It is, isn’t it! Our language is simply bursting with underused words that are such a joy to use!

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