Musings and Mutterings

One of Those Days

Actually, it truly feels more like it's been one of those few days since things have been slightly unhinged and zany around here. It started on Saturday with a bit of an emotional kerfuffle, went into Sunday with no normality (schedule-wise) which sent Nelly into a night where she didn't want to go to bed… Continue reading One of Those Days

Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Lachrymose

Lachrymose sounds like such a somber, moody word, albeit a quite lovely one, if a sad mood could be considered lovely, that is. I think some melancholy moods can have a sort of bittersweet side to them and who among us hasn't given in to a woefully dramatic pity party of sorts? Naturally, a lachrymose… Continue reading Word Nerd : Lachrymose