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One of Those Days

One of those days

Actually, it truly feels more like it’s been one of those few days since things have been slightly unhinged and zany around here. It started on Saturday with a bit of an emotional kerfuffle, went into Sunday with no normality (schedule-wise) which sent Nelly into a night where she didn’t want to go to bed and so she just had a total spazzy freak-out instead (which made for a very long night), Then yesterday was semi-normal, which felt really good, though my nerves were a touch fried and my roommate’s were even worse because she wasn’t feeling very well at all (on top of everything else) and then the cold really set in and overnight the pipes froze and the entire morning has been a mess of things while they were being thawed (so far no leaks – thank heavens). Then my Father just has to share the news that someone’s friend fell outside last night and froze, so we should count our blessings…yeesh! Don’t get me wrong, I feel terribly and my heart goes out to the family and I am beyond grateful that the frozen pipes were easily enough thawed (though had they been properly insulated this wouldn’t have been an issue at all, but I digress…) and frazzled, harried emotions are not permanent, it’s just, really?!?

Frazzled Nerves Kaleidoscope

Oh well, there is still plenty of day left and really, the best thing to do is follow my friend’s example and roll with the punches and look for the positives (and there are many). It’s not always easy (especially because I tend to be highly reactive…then I stop and think logically) but it does make for a much more pleasant atmosphere. So here’s to the keep going mentality and to finding a much calmer, less frazzled, state of mind!

Keep GoingHope you’re having a happy day – stay warm!

Namaste ~ Ella