Just Breathe

Refinding my Center

It's been quite the start to this new year, let me tell you. Hectic, insane, off-schedule (despite attempts at a schedule), harried energies, colds, coughs, rough sleeping patterns, Nelly chewing through the vacuum-cleaner cord on Saturday and shocking the hell out of herself and me (it was terrifying and that is putting it mildly!!! Never fear,… Continue reading Refinding my Center

Musings and Mutterings

One of Those Days

Actually, it truly feels more like it's been one of those few days since things have been slightly unhinged and zany around here. It started on Saturday with a bit of an emotional kerfuffle, went into Sunday with no normality (schedule-wise) which sent Nelly into a night where she didn't want to go to bed… Continue reading One of Those Days